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Electric Vehicle Ownership


Vahinis Created


Battery Swap

32 Million Rides

Rides Every Year

4200 MT

CO2 Reduced

$11-$13 per day

Driver Income


About 60% of the electric rickshaws/ manual pedal rickshaw running on Indian roads are rented. Drivers driving these rickshaws pay rent for years and never become the owner of the vehicle. A large majority of these drivers are uneducated & socially deprived and unable to deal with dealers for buying the electric vehicle, access formal finance and get vehicle registration. Due to these factors, the drivers end-up paying rent that is higher than the electric rickshaw installments.


SMV enables drivers to become owner of the electric rickshaw by removing the entry barriers through its end-to-end service. Its holistic offering helps the drivers to get asset ownership and increase income by 4x (From $ 3 per day to $12 per day). SMV partners with electric rickshaw manufacturers as a dealer and sell their electric vehicles along with its value aggregation services.

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